Master your life and business workflows with Notion​

Build sustainable systems that take you from scattered to streamlined.​

Systems Thinking

Systems aren’t one-size-fits all.

Systems are the invisible forces at play in the world that can keep things humming along smoothly, or wreak havoc on our lives. When we don’t design our systems consciously, with our unique needs in mind, we experience friction and frustration.

Whether you’re using Notion to manage every aspect of your life or for organizing your business or team, our training programs will help you reduce the overwhelm in learning Notion and build your own custom systems designed to help you shine.

Our Programs

Notion Mastery

Our flagship program. Best for solo practitioners, builders, and Notion champions. Go deep!

Stop downloading templates and build a workspace that works for your unique needs and preferences.

Perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, our flagship Notion training will help you master your life and business workflows with Notion through live-training, courses, office hours, and an active and supportive community.

Notion Training for Teams/Business

Best for companies and larger organizations looking to standardize on their Notion training. Limited availability.

Hands-on live Notion training for your employees and coworkers.

From small teams to large organizations, we can help you level-set your organizational and foundational skills and understand Notion’s features and capabilities.

Team Training Screen


As certified Notion experts, consultants, and trainers, we’ve overseen Notion ops for solo entrepreneurs, teams, and at scale with larger corporations. Pick up our best Notion and systems-thinking tips in our videos and articles.

How to Make Lasting Change

Here’s how you can use Notion to shape the path, making your desired behaviors a little bit easier to achieve, and undesired behaviors a little bit harder.

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Plan Your Year in Notion

Create your over-arching vision + break it down into goals, projects + tasks, planned out over days, weeks + months.