Student Stories

Notion Mastery students benefit from live trainings, office hours, community support, and a world-class educational course. Check out some of our alumni success stories.

Tan Rui Qing

Tan Rui Qing (RQ) is a Knowledge Management Specialist who supports companies to organize information internally, so they can operate more efficiently.

After using Notion for about five months, RQ was tired of watching a bajillion YouTube videos to learn how to use Notion and wanted a course that would maximize the time she was spending learning about and understanding it.

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Christina Ciganik

Christina Ciganik

Christina Ciganik is a manufacturing process engineer turned Notion consultant and productivity coach. 

She took the leap into working for herself this past year because she knew her background as a process engineer, plus the endless possibilities of building workflow solutions in Notion, would be a powerful combination that could serve business owners and individuals looking to level up their systems.  

Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is the Marketing and Communications Director for Arbor Montessori School, a flagship for Montessori education in the Atlanta area. She loves making things, telling stories, and building communities.

After joining Notion Mastery, Lucy was thrilled to find others who loved Notion as much as she did, and who were interested in learning and building new things and geeking out about all of it.

Lucy Bennett

Tasia Malone

Tasia is a classically trained percussionist, turned digital entrepreneur, on a mission to help creatives get their sh*t together with Notion.

She’s launched five Notion templates and three Notion design products in the last year, and credits Notion Mastery with helping her become Notion certified, a Notion ambassador and launch her Notion side biz.

Lucía Júdez Serrano

Lucía Júdez Serrano is a digital architect – she envisions and crafts customized systems that support individuals and organizations to live and work better.

Since taking Notion Mastery, Lucía has gone from $0-60k in the span of a year and is an expert who provides professional solutions to companies all over the world

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