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Plan Your Year in Notion

Create your over-arching vision + break it down into goals, projects + tasks, planned out over days, weeks + months.

  • Planning: Journal, Week, Month, Quarter, Year databases
  • Goal setting: Goals, Projects, Personal Manifesto
  • Actions: Tasks, Events, Milestones

Food HQ Meal Planning Template

A food dashboard to help you manage your meal planning, recipes, groceries, and all food related activities.

  • Meal Plans database + templates
  • Freestyle meal planner
  • Groceries database (400+ items)
  • Recipes database + templates
  • Categories + Cuisines database

Notion Knowledge Hub Template

Everything you need to collect and save important resources.

  • Knowledge Hub
  • Collect + Process
  • Notes + Ideas
  • Tags
  • People
  • Words + Wisdom
  • Inspiration
  • Copystalking

Notion Content Hub Template

Get the pages + databases Marie uses to manage her content inspiration + creation, plus an Ideation Dashboard.

  • Notes + Ideas, Quotes and Inspiration
  • Topics + Tags
  • Content Format and Type
  • Content Planner
  • Ideal Client Persona’s
  • Tasks, Events, Milestones

Daily Meeze in Notion

A dashboard to visit at the end of the day to help you close open loops, re-assign overdue tasks, plan tomorrow’s tasks, and fill out your daily journal or daily log.

  • Close the gaps
  • Reflect + review
  • Plan for success
  • Love notes
  • Celebrate
  • Declutter
  • Instructions for plugging in your existing databases

Wavy Hair Journey Template

A wavy hair dashboard to help you take notes about products, application techniques, routines, etc.

  • My Wavy Hair Journey – Beginner dashboard: for Notion newbies
  • My Wavy Hair Journey – Advanced dashboard: for the Notion familiar

“I LOVE your templates and examples—so helpful and enlightening!” – Jenny Blake

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Many of our templates are beginner-friendly. If a template is more advanced, and requires a strong knowledge of relations and rollups, we will specify that on the sales page.

Depending on the complexity of the template, it will come with some written and/or video instructions.

Depending on the template, we tend to make updates 1 or 2 times per year. We’ll notify you if we make substantive changes to a template you’ve purchased so you can access the most up to date version.

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