Notion Consulting

Our staff is made up of Notion Certified Consultants, Notion Ambassadors, and all-around Notion experts. Outside of Notion themselves, collectively we know Notion better than almost anyone in the world.

We’ve trained 1,000s of students and many businesses on effective Notion systems. With so many eyes on the ground in Notion operations, you might say we’ve “seen it all.” And as an agency with a background in operations and systems design there’s really no Notion-related challenge we can’t solve.

Current Offerings

1:1 Coaching with a Notion Certified Consultant

Pair with a certified Notion expert for 90 minutes using your personal or team workspace. Sessions delivered via Zoom and a recording is provided post-call.

Notion Discovery + Workspace Audit

Struggling with Notion adoption or not sure if it’s right for you? We can help with a combination of calls, audits, and a small bank of implementation hours to get you sorted out.

Notion Workspace Design + Training

We can help with almost any part of a digital pipeline, including apps, automations, technical training, and of course, building out highly customized Notion workspaces.

All prices in USD. We do offer discounts for non-profits and social enterprises.


Through the Notion Mastery program, we’ve helped 1,000s of learners develop robust workspaces for their small businesses. We’ve also worked with 100s of businesses to:

  • Improve their Notion practices
  • Develop custom workspaces for their specific workflows
  • Connect Notion with external business systems

Through 1000s of hours of working with teams, we’ve developed a starter “operating system” with Notion we call Architect OS or A/OS

A/OS is built with the best practices for teams we’ve developed over years of working with Notion. It’s suitable for teams of up to 100 in mind and can be configured by one of our Certified Notion Consultants to meet your team’s needs.

Examples of Architect OS Notion workspace


Benjamin Borowski Headshot

Benjamin Borowski

Notion Certified Consultant

Curious about how we can help? Have a question about our services? Feel free to drop Ben a line.