Formula Fundamentals 2.0

🪄 Learn the magic of Notion Formulas 2.0 from scratch

Formula Fundamentals 2.0

Got a handle on the basics of Notion databases, relations, and rollups, but still feeling like Notion Formulas are beyond you?

With Notion Mastery’s Formula Fundamentals 2.0 course, you’ll learn the basics of programming with Notion and learn every formula feature you’ll need to craft your own potent formula incantations.

What You'll Learn

Formulas Spell Book

Programming Basics

Learn programming fundamentals you'll need to develop your formula prowess so you can make anything you can think of in Notion.


Formula Components

Learn how to work with properties, conditions, strings, numbers, and dates; all the types you'll need to develop your own formulas.

Magic Book of Notion Components

Formulas 2.0 Syntax

Learn about all the new Formula 2.0 components including insights on making the transition from 1.0 to 2.0 language syntax.

Lists and Arrays - Powerful Magic

Lists, Variables, Styling

Learn all about the new language features in Notion Formulas 2.0, including Lists, Styling, Relations and Formula-based rollups.

Skull Smoke - Debugging Formulas can be dangerous

Debugging Formulas

What to do when things go wrong, including tips for common errors and gotchas.

Spell book with eye

Formula Libraries

Filterable databases of all formula components, tagged examples, and solves. New content added regularly.

Course Details

This is an intermediate to advanced level course that starts with the prerequisite that you understand Notion Databases and have some familiarity with Relations and Rollups.  

What's Included

The Curriculum

Who is this for?

This course is for intermediate Notion creators with little to no experience with programming and Notion Formulas. If you’re looking to take your Notion skills to the next level and learn a bit of programming knowledge along the way, Formula Fundamentals is for you.

The Creator

Formula Fundamentals 2.0 is designed by me, Benjamin Borowski, a Notion Certified Consultant, Notion Ambassador, and Formula Warlock.

I’ve been writing code for about two decades, and I’m known for having some of the deepest understanding of the Notion ecosystem in the industry.

The first version of the course has helped 1,000s of Notion Mastery students learn the arcane arts. Will you take up the wand with me?

A three-eyed cat

Benjamin Borowski

Notion Warlock

Notion Certified Consultant

An Overview of Notion Formulas 2.0

Not sure what’s involved in learning Formulas 2.0? Check out this huge roundup of everything new to get an idea of what you’ll need to learn. Or just get inspired by watching my overview of everything new in video format…

Play Video about An Overview of Notion Formulas 2.0

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What they're saying

Stephen Wu

“Ben Borowski has become THE expert at Formulas 2.0, and was instrumental in the closed beta in helping us build a better user experience. He has a unique ability to empathize with users of all skill levels and help build your mental models for complex ideas. This course is jam-packed with content and was a joy to read and play with.

Stephen Wu, Engineering @ Notion

I've been referencing your new Formulas 2.0 course as I'm building out my Notion space and holy did an incredible job! It's so user friendly and easy to find what I'm looking for quickly. The lesson instructions and examples are so well thought out, and written in a way that I can easily understand so I've been able to grasp the underlying concepts pretty quickly. I imagine this course took a lot of time and effort on your part, and just wanted to say thanks for creating it for us because it's invaluable.

Lori Leech, Health + Tech Coach

The similarity between Notions 2.0 formulas and Javascript was critical to me understanding why some of the jargon in the Notions 2.0 documentation seemed familiar and yet also incomplete. Also - noting the differences between the two (which I would not know on my own) was also key to me understanding what I need to experiment with and what I can further study.

Tom Moyland

It's obvious you spent a LOT of time on this, and what's amazing to me is how detailed your explanations are. Even a complete beginner can follow the process. It takes a lot of skill to lay foundation from ground zero when you are an expert, but you made it easy for anyone to learn. Thank you for doing this!!

Sara Driscoll, Realtor

It's impressive how you can explain a topic, that is difficult for many people, in a simple way.

Marieke Jansen, KEJA Automation

"I wouldn’t have figured a fraction of this out on my own, if I devoted months of doing nothing else but trying to learn it.

I’m learning so much, and I am very impressed by the detail you are including. You have a real gift for teaching – the only way to be this effective is that helping people comes from your heart."
Broker Associate, Pacific Sotheby's INT'L Realty

"Marie's content is rich and in depth, laced with great templates and variations for many use cases.

She is fearless in the way she teaches which inspires. She gave me so much permission to play and iterate to learn Notion by simply doing. She always leads by example and refines her modules over time.”
Digital Strategist

"I just wanted to say the last Office Hours for the Course, which was my first, was freakin' awesome! I didn't want it to end.

The training and resources you provide can be directly attributed to how far I’ve come with Notion and catapulted my ability to use and leverage Notion for a host of purposes.

I find that I resonate a lot with the thought processes and ideas that have driven your setup and the changes it has gone through as well over time, which has monumentally expanded my initial foresight of use cases and has been greatly shaking up how I manage my digital information."

"All the little tips and tricks you embed throughout each lesson make the learning curve much less painful.

I had been using Notion for 6 months without taking the time to set up an actual system beyond a basic note-taking database, whereas now I have built up the foundation of the system that you taught for daily use.
I sooo appreciate your generous teachings in this course, your down-to-earth personality, and the personal touch that you put into it by giving us a glimpse of your own personal and business life in the background. "

"My struggle before this course was not knowing how to fully utilize Notion and as a result I had a hard time integrating it into my life.

Now I am nearly through the course content and I AM OBSESSED. I can't create new databases, dashboards, and workflows fast enough!

This is my first week working in my "week" page--planning out tasks, setting up meetings, etc. -- and I haven't felt this on top of my work in a long time. It's one simple screen and I already have such a strong foundation from which I can get more of what I want to done!

"I thank Marie from behind my computer screen several times a day."

Notion has become a pivotal part of my productivity in the last few years... but before Notion Mastery, I was only dabbling in its capabilities. By going through Notion Mastery and implementing just a handful of the templates within it, I've completely reworked how I organize and put to work my actions, ideas, and more.

Marie has created an epic resource here -- one I've turned to when I wanted to revamp an entire planning system or when I'm just looking to make a quick fix to a template.

If you're even thinking about using Notion, you'll go further, faster, with Notion Mastery in your back pocket."


Formula Fundamentals is created following years of programming practice and instruction. More than just teaching you “how to Notion”, this course teaches you programming fundementals so you’ll understand why you’re doing something and not just how to do it. 

Unlike many other guides, this course starts with basics and builds upon these principles through guided exercises and demos. It’s not just documentation of the Formula language (through that is included).

I also was heavily involved with beta testing and offering feedback on the language itself, so there’s lots of tips and gotchas about the funny little idiosyncracies of Notion Formulas 2.0 in the course.

Lastly the course includes many “Solves” that Notion Mastery students have asked for. As I add these solves, you’ll get access to them as well. It’s an ever-growing library.

Sure does. The entire course has been rewritten to include Lists, Relations, People, Styling, and more. It covers every function and much more!

You get access to the Formula Fundamentals course, a template you can duplicate to do your work as you progress through the course, and a growing library of Formula “solves” (extended examples and lessons).

I recommend that you at least have some basic Notion skills including how to use databases, create properties, and duplicate templates. Understanding Notion’s interface is also good knowledge to have.

You might want to think about joining Notion Mastery while you’re here. This course is included in Notion Mastery (wink wink).

You can apply the cost of this enrolment to the cost of full enrolment in Notion Mastery. Coupon details will be provided after purchase.

Since this is a digital training product that you will receive instant access to, no refunds will be available.