Master your life and business workflows with Notion.

“Marie is one of the most knowledgeable Notion users in the world”

Ivan Zhao, CEO + Founder of Notion


You’ve gone down the Notion rabbit-hole but quickly got overwhelmed. You binge-watched how-to videos on YouTube for hours instead of writing those blog posts you had planned.

You see the potential of this powerful, all-in-one productivity tool, but don’t know how to fully harness it.

Maybe you tried loading some of the pre-made templates into your account, and got frustrated because they’re not useful enough on their own. They’re not part of a bigger more integrated system.

Templates ≠ A System

Any of these sound familiar?

If you find yourself feeling scattered and spread across different tools, platforms, apps, and paper planners…

I promise, there is a better way.

Notion offers you a way to integrate all of your tasks, documents, activities, habits, ideas, and creativity in one place.

It’s the most versatile and customizable platform for personal and professional organization + productivity, and the one I use to run every area of my life and business:


If you don’t already have well-established systems, processes, and routines, you’ll simply recreate the same dysfunctional patterns from your old tools within Notion.

You’ve got to design your system in order for Notion to truly shine.

That’s why I created Notion Mastery

Since 2018 I’ve been consulting with individuals and business owners, helping them use Notion to create their life and business operating systems and workflows. 

I’ve seen the most common challenges, hiccups, and missing pieces that most entrepreneurs and teams struggle with when trying to streamline their operations.

I’ve condensed my best practices and workflows into a robust online course and community to support you through the process of going from scattered to streamlined with Notion.

Let me show you what is possible with this incredible tool!

“Marie is one of the most knowledgeable Notion users in the world"

"When Marie showed the Notion team what she was able to build with the product, it blew our minds. She’s both a world-class expert and an exceptional teacher who has helped hundreds of people unlock organization and productivity with Notion. She makes things possible with this product that are even beyond my imagination.
Ivan Zhao
CEO and founder of Notion

If you’re ready to stop procrasti-planning and playing whac-a-mole with your to-do list, join me in Notion Mastery.

Create an integrated business and personal productivity system that is tailor made for your needs.

Conquer Notion's learning curve

Start with a complete walk-through of Notion’s most powerful features (and wildly time-saving quirks!).

Build better planning systems

Create practical planning and review processes for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks + goals.

Reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm

Design your workflow to reduce friction and make prioritization and decision-making quicker and easier.

Design a custom workspace that works for you

Learn how to design custom dashboards that are tailor made for you and your style.

Improve team collaboration

Get everyone on the same page with stellar documentation, custom dashboards, and workflows that work.

Supercharge your knowledge management system

Improve your resource management, note-taking, and idea management.

Create a practical + sustainable workflow

Know where everything lives and minimize your decision fatigue and context switching.

Surprise + delight your clients

Share beautiful and practical collaborative dashboards with clients.

Get inspired

Get a sneak peek into a variety of workflows, examples, SOPs, and templates from community members and in our weekly office hours and workshops.

"From the beginning Marie teaches you how to create a system that works for you instead of merely going over the features of the app."

That is where Notion Mastery shines.

If you have tried ALL the apps and you still can’t organize yourself, take Notion Mastery and with the help of Marie, create your own personal productivity system, bending Notion to your will."


This course is the Holy Grail of NOTION! Everything and anything any Notion user could ever conceive of having access to!

It’s like competing in the 100 meter yard dash for the gold, and I get to start at yard 90. One of the top three no-nonsense online courses I have invested in, resulting in massive measurable progress."

The Notion Mastery Experience

4 Levels, 4 Tracks

GRAB THE components

In Notion Mastery there are 4 Levels with 4 Tracks to explore, followed by a series of side quests & rabbit-holes that guide you through more specific niche use cases for Notion. 

You’ll kickstart your workspace build with a database component kit, and build up your databases and workspaces one area at a time to reduce overwhelm.

Whether you are just getting started or you’re an intermediate to advanced user, you’ll get ideas and inspiration for new ways to streamline your workflow.

The Levels

Level 0 : Hello Notion

Level 0 is an orientation to Notion, the App: the interface, application settings, page properties, and the general functionality of Notion. Many of these elements are also covered in context within Level 1 lessons.

Grab the workspace components provided (or work with your own pre-existing databases), and set up your sidebar as you get ready to build up your workspace.

Level 1 : Notion Essentials

Level 1 contains the foundational skills of Notion. It’s a triage of sorts; getting you using Notion in practical ways, getting your data into the tool as quickly as possible while building practical pages.

You’ll wrap your head around Notion’s core features while learning some key tips + tricks.


Level 2 : Notion Dashboards

In Level 2 you’ll begin to manage and manipulate your data through the design of elegant Dashboards across different areas of your life and business.

You’ll integrate more advanced filtering, views, sorts, and simple formulas, and use Notion as your central productivity and knowledge hub.

Level 3 : Notion Zen Master

In Level 3 you’ll continue to streamline and customize your Notion workspace with more advanced features to further customize your dashboards.

Go deeper on niche use cases, and build out custom dashboards for different areas of your life and business.

This level contains a variety of choose-your-own-adventure lessons across a range of use cases, along with advanced examples and templates.

The Tracks

Personal Development

Personal Productivity

Knowledge Management

Business Operations

The Student Journey

Student Journey Graphic

"I wouldn’t have figured a fraction of this out on my own, if I devoted months of doing nothing else but trying to learn it.

I’m learning so much, and I am very impressed by the detail you are including. You have a real gift for teaching – the only way to be this effective is that helping people comes from your heart."
Broker Associate, Pacific Sotheby's INT'L Realty

"Marie's content is rich and in depth, laced with great templates and variations for many use cases.

She is fearless in the way she teaches which inspires. She gave me so much permission to play and iterate to learn Notion by simply doing. She always leads by example and refines her modules over time.”
Digital Strategist

What’s Included In
Notion Mastery

Notion Mastery is a semi-guided learning journey.
Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum
, live trainings, and themed workshops.

The curriculum and templates are accessed via member invite into the Notion Mastery Notion workspace. Yes, the program is delivered entirely through Notion!

Meet the Team

When you join Notion Mastery you get the support and insights of our awesome course team and community members, each bringing their own unique perspectives, insights, and events.

Marie Poulin

Creator, Instructor

Marie is the creator of Notion Mastery, leads Office Hours and Hot Seat sessions, and regularly engages in the online community. She’s got a passion for solving tricky Notion workflow challenges, so bring your questions and she’ll help you solve for your unique needs. 

Cat Mulvihill


Cat is a Notion Mastery alumni and official Notion Ambassador who loves to teach others and make seemingly complex concepts more accessible. You’ll see Cat around the community and co-facilitating our live trainings, workshops, and Office Hours.


Georgia Cyr

Course Operations

Georgia is an official Notion Ambassador and the operations support behind Notion Mastery. You’re likely to see her on our live calls, and within the Notion Mastery workspace. She co-facilitates our quarterly review sessions, and offers Ops-related workshops and AMA sessions.

Benjamin Borowski

Notion for Teams, Instructor

Ben is an official Notion Ambassador, consultant, and Notion for Teams specialist. He helps teams solve complex Notion workflow challenges and use cases at scale, and runs our monthly team-focused office hours and workshops.

Ranee Joshi

Community Support

Ranee is an advanced Notion user who helps our community problem-solve a variety of complex use cases, whether it be sorting out tricky formulas, or helping users understand how to apply best practices to unique or custom scenarios.

Karaminder Ghuman

Coworking Power Hours

Karaminder is a polymathic creator that loves lighting fellow creators on fire by showing them how to stop working against themselves and learn how to work with themselves. He is the host of our weekly Coworking Sessions.

The community element was huge!

Seeing how other people use Notion was one of the most interesting aspects of the course. I was able to see new ways of using Notion I hadn't thought of, and really appreciated hearing other people's questions. It's not the sort of course where you just pay once, do some work, and then disappear. It's a long-term investment. It changed how I think about Notion, workflow, community, and customer service!"
– Monica Lim

Who this course is for

Notion is ideal for you if you want more granular control over your task management, goal setting, and personal knowledge management systems, and value integration.

You’re a good fit for this course if:

You’re NOT a good fit for this course if:

Notion Mastery

$ 750*
  • Access to all Notion Mastery content, office hours, live events, and community support for 12 months.

Notion Mastery

For Tiny Teams
$ 1200*
  • Access to everything included in Notion Mastery Solo for you and one additional team member for 12 months.

    A great way to help team members get onboarded more easily into your newly designed workspaces.

 *Are you 🇨🇦 Canadian or reside in a country that doesn’t have the same purchasing power as the US dollar?
We offer Parity Pricing; see if your country is eligible.

What people love about the course

"I just wanted to say the last Office Hours for the Course, which was my first, was freakin' awesome! I didn't want it to end.

The training and resources you provide can be directly attributed to how far I’ve come with Notion and catapulted my ability to use and leverage Notion for a host of purposes.

I find that I resonate a lot with the thought processes and ideas that have driven your setup and the changes it has gone through as well over time, which has monumentally expanded my initial foresight of use cases and has been greatly shaking up how I manage my digital information."

"All the little tips and tricks you embed throughout each lesson make the learning curve much less painful.

I had been using Notion for 6 months without taking the time to set up an actual system beyond a basic note-taking database, whereas now I have built up the foundation of the system that you taught for daily use.
I sooo appreciate your generous teachings in this course, your down-to-earth personality, and the personal touch that you put into it by giving us a glimpse of your own personal and business life in the background. "


The course is priceless. I got so much more than I imagined within! Thank you for getting me one step closer to clear, connected, streamlined days in my business."
"I always appreciate how thorough and thoughtful you are in what you share. I’ve learned so much from you that has nothing to do with Notion!"

Digital Strategist
"This is the most structured and welcoming pile of knowledge about an app – ever. The most important part is still you and your personality. You’re radiating true value, you’re the real thing, your course is the real thing."

"Marie is enormously hardworking at ensuring learners get the most out of the course while not simply offering an abundance of information.

Her natural curiosity and generosity is a rare asset, and her patience makes it easy to ask the simple questions of a novice learner. Her course is excellent and I'd recommend it for anyone looking to quickly adopt and leverage notion as a productivity tool, even if just exploring what's out there."

"Your entire team is amazing. It’s a great example of a very well run community and one that is crazy helpful to be a part of."
– Lori Leech

TL;DR: do Marie Poulin’s Notion course, it’s life-changing.

Marie’s course has totally changed the way that I think and work and the way that I organize my projects. Notion is so limitless, and when you get into it without guidance, it’s hard to figure out how to make it all flow. The course allowed me to speed up the process of creating my systems, and I probably would have given up if I hadn’t had the course! Definitely sign up for this course—get into Notion, it will make your life better.

— Caroline Conner, Wine Dine Caroline

Tired of feeling scattered across a bazillion digital tools?

Let me show you how to supercharge your Notion workspace to manage your entire life and business.

Over 2000 students have gone through the course since it launched in 2019!

Hey, I’m Marie!


Back in 2017 I tried Notion for the first time, and it didn’t quite “click”. I knew it had potential, but wasn’t sure how to harness it.

It wasn’t until I decided to try using Notion to help me plan my Permaculture diploma (a messy, long-term project requiring lots of documentation, resources, imagery, notes, and both short + long-term planning) that I began to see what was possible, and why this tool was so incredible.

As a die-hard (paid) Evernote + Asana + Dropbox + Google Drive user, I was frustrated that my planning, tasks, files, and resources felt disconnected and fragmented.

I knew Asana wasn’t great for high-level thinking and ideation, and Evernote wasn’t great for task management…

I took a chance and moved all of my processes, tasks, resources, and documentation over to Notion, and it was a complete game-changer. I was finally able to build a system that worked for my brain.

I could finally visualize all my work and commitments and got a grip on where my time and effort was going (compared to where I thought it was going). 

In 2021 I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I began to finally understand even more deeply why Notion was truly a life-changing tool for me. 

I was so smitten with the tool, I shared it with everyone who would listen… and the rest is history.

Trusted By Notion

You may also know me as the host of Notion’s bi-weekly Hot Seats for Start Ups.

Hot Seats are an ongoing bi-weekly virtual event that attracts hundreds of Notion users who are eager to learn how to get the most out of this tool.

Each session we help a new startup solve a unique challenge in their Notion workspace in real-time. We cover different topics and use cases for both beginners and advanced Notion users alike, in order to help show you the depth of possibilities with this tool.

Some of our past events:

"My struggle before this course was not knowing how to fully utilize Notion and as a result I had a hard time integrating it into my life.

Now I am nearly through the course content and I AM OBSESSED. I can't create new databases, dashboards, and workflows fast enough!

This is my first week working in my "week" page--planning out tasks, setting up meetings, etc. -- and I haven't felt this on top of my work in a long time. It's one simple screen and I already have such a strong foundation from which I can get more of what I want to done!

"I thank Marie from behind my computer screen several times a day."

Notion has become a pivotal part of my productivity in the last few years... but before Notion Mastery, I was only dabbling in its capabilities. By going through Notion Mastery and implementing just a handful of the templates within it, I've completely reworked how I organize and put to work my actions, ideas, and more.

Marie has created an epic resource here -- one I've turned to when I wanted to revamp an entire planning system or when I'm just looking to make a quick fix to a template.

If you're even thinking about using Notion, you'll go further, faster, with Notion Mastery in your back pocket."

Notion is the only tool I’ve found that has truly enabled me to bridge the gap between bigger long-term goals and day-to-day actions, all in one beautiful and functional space.


It depends! 🙂

There is such a diverse group of people in Notion Mastery, and there’s a wide range of experience with regards to Notion, organizational skills, and technical abilities. Some people “click” with Notion right away, while others take more time.

Some students binge-watch the content and set their workspace up over the course of a few weeks; others chip away at it over the course of months.

Everyone’s needs are so unique, and not all course content will apply to your use cases. The course has foundational content alongside “resource library”-style content that gets updated frequently, and you can revisit anytime.

This is why I offer the course as a semi-guided self study; many students come back to the material again and again; the office hours give you the chance to come and get clarity and support at your own pace.

The content is a mix of text, images, gifs, video screen-sharing, and database components provided. This gives a range of options for different learning preferences. There are also transcripts of all video calls, which are also tagged in case you want to dive in to a specific category of discussion. All videos have closed captioning available.

We love solving interesting use cases with Notion, so when we notice participants having the same questions and curiosities, we create new templates and videos to explore niche use cases. We typically make small course updates weekly, and more substantial updates (new videos and templates) monthly. Have a use case you want to see me cover? Post your suggestion or request in the community forum.

You’ll have 12 months access to the course curriculum, templates, live calls and community.

Yes! While this course assumes you are familiar with Notion (you’ve downloaded the app and checked it out), the basics are all covered to make sure you have everything you need to understand the core features of Notion quickly.

If you’re interested in getting a larger team or organization familiar with Notion quickly, you might be interesting in our Notion at Work training as well.

Notion is excellent if you find your existing tool stack limited and fragmented, and are seeking more control over how you visualize your planning and day to day execution. Think of Notion as a giant box of Lego pieces where you get to decide how you want it to look and function, vs a pre-made Lego “kit.”

If you want something that just “works” out of the box without any effort, or you aren’t sure that Notion is the tool for you, this course may not be a good fit for you.

Notion is ideal for you if customization of your workflow is a top priority, and you want more granular control over your systems.

Transitioning a team to Notion is not like transitioning to other tools.

Aiming for 3-6 months to fully implement Notion is a grounded expectation and good place to start.

Most tools and applications start with a framework that users need to adopt to one degree or another. With Notion, you have complete flexibility to build it however you like.

While there are plenty of Notion Consultants that will design and build your Notion Workspace for you, we take a different approach.

In order to leverage Notion to its greatest potential, we believe your team will want to understand the technical mechanics of Notion and then develop your own best practices creating a dynamic and collaborative workspace.

We recommend you nominate at least one person on your team to learn Notion, really well.

Notion’s flexibility comes with the need to learn both how to use the tool, and how to create the systems and structure that make your business function smoothly from day-to-day, inside your Notion workspace.

In order to transition to Notion you will need to identify your team’s Notion architect. They will learn the tool deeply, guide your system setup and support your team during the transition to Notion.

If you are looking for “out of the box” project management, Notion might not be the best tool for you.

Training your whole team?

Notion Mastery is suited for individuals and small teams. If you’re looking to get a large team (10s, 100s of Notioners) up to speed on how to use Notion, our Notion at Work program might also be a good fit for you.

Live calls typically take place between 9AM and 6PM Pacific Time. Recordings for Office Hours, Hot Seats and Workshops are shared within 3 business days of the live call.

In our experience, students that rely entirely on the curriculum without taking advantage of the live calls (office hours, hot seats, workshops etc.) and the community forum (where you have access to our instructors to answer your questions quickly) do not experience the full value of the course. 

If time zone differences make attending live calls tricky we strongly encourage you to utilize the community forum to ask questions and make use of the call recordings!

We offer a variety of payment plans for each of our products. Visit the links to the cart above to see your options. Please note that payment plans are not a subscription or monthly membership fee that can be cancelled at any time. They are a contractual obligation to pay the full price of the course, over time.

We understand that not everyone earns a US salary which is why we offer discounts based on location, to enable parity pricing of our course.

Visit this page to see if your country of residence is eligible for a parity discount.

Discounts range between 20-70% depending on location.

This course is a digital educational product that gives you instant access to all of the material and templates as soon as you get access to the course, and as such is non-refundable.