Kiss overwhelm goodbye with Start Up and Shut Down rituals

If you find it hard to focus and get your work day started in the morning, or often feel overwhelmed by how much is on your plate at the end of the day, I highly recommend creating daily Start Up and Shut Down rituals for yourself!

A Start Up routine is a powerful way to begin your day and prevent distraction and overwhelm. Before I rush into the chaos of the day, I visit a one page dashboard in *Notion where I log my morning routine, do some journaling, and set my intention for the day.

You can see a walk through of my daily Start Up routine here:

Once you’ve got a good Start Up ritual, you’re going to want to complement that with a solid Shut Down ritual.

A Shut Down ritual can help you finish the day strong. Close open loops, close those browser tabs, process your inboxes, and make sure you complete the day knowing what’s coming tomorrow.

You can watch a walk through of my Shut Down ritual (The Daily Meeze) here:

Interested in trying out your own Daily Meeze? Check out my template.

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