Christina Ciganik

Christina Ciganik

About Christina & Notion

Christina Ciganik is a manufacturing process engineer turned Notion consultant and productivity coach. 

She took the leap into working for herself this past year because she knew her background as a process engineer, plus the endless possibilities of building workflow solutions in Notion, would be a powerful combination that could serve business owners and individuals looking to level up their systems.  

Christina ended up in Notion Mastery after she decided it was time to stop system hopping once and for all. Because Notion was a truly blank slate, she knew it had the potential to be the all-in-one, fully-customized system she’d searched for. But because it was a blank slate, she also wasn’t sure how to use the building blocks to their fullest potential.

After checking out the Notion Mastery sales page, she could immediately tell that the course would provide exactly what she needed to maximize her use of Notion.

Christina found that the intro lessons alone filled the knowledge gaps she had about using Notion to its maximum potential.

Her favorite feature of the course has been the level of engagement of the Notion Mastery team through the online community and events. She’s found that while the course houses all of the Notion essentials, the team is what solidifies those learnings and takes your understanding to the next level by giving you custom guidance if you ask for it.

Notion has helped Christina:

  • Organize her projects and notes so she can spend more time working on them instead of searching for them.
  • Build many fun dashboards for her hobbies that help her keep track of progress.

Professionally, Notion Mastery gave Christina the tools and skills to start her Notion consulting business. She’s finding it a joy to bring her process and productivity passions to others!

Christina plans to continue expanding and evolving her Notion system by going back through the Notion Mastery course for inspiration. She finds when she goes through lessons again, she always comes across a new tidbit to try in her system.

Christina’s advice to anyone thinking of joining Notion Mastery?

“If you want to go all-in on Notion for your work/life management system, Notion Mastery is an absolute MUST. No room for discussion here :).”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.