Daniel Gaiswinkler

About Daniel & Notion

Daniel has been a full time entrepreneur since 2015, running a print-on-demand company which enables him to work independently and enjoy time at home with his three kids. He is also the founder of the Success-on-Demand Academy which helps people build up a secondary or main income with print-on-demand.

Before Daniel found Notion he was using lots of different tools and had many pieces of information scattered across different platforms, including over 200 speech memo’s on his smartphone. He struggled with having information spread in many places that he couldn’t really work from. In his search for a solution he eventually came across Notion. After 1 week of exploring the tool he signed up for Notion Mastery.

Daniel has found the Horizons system taught in Notion Mastery to be an AWESOME starting point to design a customized Notion system for yourself.

He says that the course is:

“Absolutely worth the money! You should never underestimate the work you have to put in to integrate this system in your real life ‘til it runs. But, it’s worth every hour! And it makes REAL fun to do so.”

He has found the Notion Mastery community really helpful for getting questions answered and the live calls a source of inspiration for ideas about use cases that you can use Notion for.

Since starting to use Notion, and taking Notion Mastery, Daniel says it has fixed a lot of problems:

“First time my idea inbox is ZERO (it was stuffed with over 100 hundred things last year in voice recordings alone because I had no space to work on them or store the good things.)

First time my email inbox is zero at the end of the week!!!

First time I have a concrete planning tool and know what I have to do.

First time I can relate things together and take my knowledge management to the next level – this is really GREAT!

First time I have my goals, dreams, wishes, and beliefs online in ONE tool and can make relations to projects and other information.

First time I write a digital journal and can track more data – AND can see what kind of stuff relates to one another to be more productive, feel better and let me make better decisions.

First time I have time tracking of my actions and productivity and can see at the end of a week in which areas there is unproductive space and can plan my time better for the next weeks and months.”

Using what he learned from Notion Mastery, Daniel is currently working on a Notion system for his students to help them research new product niches, make more merchandise sales, and produce more cool ideas for new products.

Daniel’s advice to anyone thinking about joining Notion Mastery?

“If you struggle with your personal development, knowledge management, tools and other stuff – buy this course!!! Fixes all the problems!!”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.