Hello, Etta!

Etta Brown is a problem solver and idea machine, currently serving as an operations director for a non-profit. An animal lover and lifelong learner, Etta was diagnosed with ADHD late in life and is still navigating its implications. She is often found at a computer, with a notebook and pen, or enjoying time in her garden or walking her dogs.

Why Notion Mastery?

Etta was a systems and tools junkie, often setting up new tools but abandoning them quickly due to ADHD-related challenges. She stumbled upon Marie Poulin’s work through a Second Brain event and followed a trail to Notion. Despite initial struggles with templates and the tool itself, Etta sought out Notion Mastery to find a system that would keep her organized and engaged, especially with the ADHD-friendly approach Marie Poulin offered.

“I spent more time setting up plans than I did working those plans. It’s not an ideal way to live your life! My initial reason for joining the course was simply to see what I was missing and, hopefully, discover a way of using Notion that would solve all of my problems.”

Since Joining the Program

Upon joining Notion Mastery, Etta was immediately impressed by the welcoming and responsive community.

“First, how welcoming and friendly the community was and still is. Ben and Marie and their staff are all incredibly responsive and never make anyone feel as if they’ve asked a stupid question.”

The course’s structure allowed her to build a personalized and effective Notion system, which she has been using daily for nearly a year.

“Amazingly (for me) almost 1 year later I am still using Notion, albeit my setup has been tweaked several times in the intervening months.”

Notion Mastery has provided a toolkit that not only supports her professional work but also her personal life, allowing her to remain organized and focused. This newfound organization and confidence have been transformative, helping Etta secure a well-paid job where her skills are valued and utilized.

“I feel as if I now have a toolkit to implement those ideas and solutions I have always been able to offer.”

Etta’s Advice to Anyone Thinking of Joining Notion Mastery

I joined Notion Mastery and within a very, very short space of time I had Notion wrangled into submission. I had learned what it could do but, more importantly, what it isn’t best suited for. The course guides you through the creation of an amazing system that is infinitely customisable and not the least bit prescriptive.

The amazing part for me is that Marie and Ben stop their students falling into those gnarly potholes that catch the unwary; sharing why it might not be a good idea to build something out one way, over another. These little nuggets have saved me hours and left me with a system that is completely mine in all its quirkiness and is easy to use and maintain.

That’s the Notion part of things; what Ben and Marie don’t advertise so much are the extras: The regular office hours calls, co-working sessions, demo days and a general sharing of what is working for them.

I wasn’t at my best when I joined Notion Mastery, for all sorts of personal reasons, but 6 months later I have grown in confidence (and competence), have found new, ideal employment and generally have my mojo back. There’s no doubt that mastering Notion with Notion Mastery has helped me feel better about my work capabilities and myself. I’d recommend the programme to everyone who wants to use Notion as a bespoke system, and not just have Notion be the project to build that system.

Etta advises potential students to join Notion Mastery to learn how to use Notion effectively rather than just following a pre-made template.

“You will learn how to use Notion rather than just finding your way around a pre-made template and that’s where the magic of Notion comes into play.”

The supportive community, honest feedback, and project-based learning approach make it ideal for anyone, especially those with a neurodivergent brain.

“It’s a wonderful way of becoming “tech-y” without having to learn to code. And, I think it is positively transformational for anyone with a neurodivergent brain – you will finally be able to work with a tool the way your mind works.”

Learning to use Notion through this course has been a transformational experience, enabling her to work in a way that suits her mind and lifestyle.

“It’s the fact that I am willing to look longer term and make plans for the future…that’s the biggest impact. I had stopped doing that.”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.