Luisa Fernanda Nino

Luisa’s journey to Notion

Luisa is a drawing artist and art mentor who creates imaginative drawings and poetry comics.

She shares her process with others to help them find their own visual expressions. A favorite pastime of Luisa’s is hunting for rare books!

Having multiple interests and projects, Luisa used to try out every tool to help her organize herself.

In the quest to find a system that worked for her she found a few videos about how Notion seemed to gather many tools under a single one which was exactly what she was seeking.

She had only used Notion for a few days before she joined Notion Mastery.

What attracted her to the course?

She was drawn to the approach of creating a system instead of just learning the features of Notion.

“I always find what I need in the course, and if it’s not covered, the Notion Mastery community is there to help.”

She has loved how Notion Mastery offers a variety of problem-solving scenarios and use cases, and how students get to learn about new Notion Features through live demos so they can use the new features if they want to.

Since joining the course Luisa has learned how to work in her own creative style without feeling scattered. She uses Notion to keep her huge art library, her art portfolio, and to document her journey. Most of all, she’s been able to break down projects more effectively, finally getting them to a point of completion.

She’s completed at least fifteen art projects that she says would otherwise still be lingering on her to-do list, including a sold out artist book / zine, an online class called “Oil Pastel Freedom,” a live online mentoring course, and a consistent schedule for her Patreon.

Luisa has found Notion super helpful for meal planning and collecting recipes, and plans to continue making use of it for managing projects that require a detailed breakdown, managing her household, and keeping track of her huge collection of art resources.

Luisa’s advice to anyone thinking of joining Notion Mastery?

“Go through the modules bit by bit and don’t get distracted by all the crazy templates and beautiful pages out there. Learn about your specific way of working because not all of Notion will be useful, but you’ll be able to create a specific set of features that will help you manage your work and life a lot better than having everything scattered.”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.