Meet Podge Thomas

Podge is a queer, POC, neurodivergent Notion consultant, working at the intersection of people and operations. Her clients are progressive and radical self-identifying women and non-binary business leaders who seek business operations grounded in their values. When she’s not Notion-izing, she is renovating her 1780’s home in New England with her partner.

Podge needed an operational home for her business and wanted to centralize operations, marketing, sales process and financial projections. Programs like Trello and Asana weren’t dynamic enough and didn’t have the level of customization she needed to support her business’ growth.

Why Notion Mastery?

“Marie was on my radar because of an online community we were both members of so I began by watching her free content on YouTube. When I realized that YouTube content was only going to get me so far, the Notion Mastery Course was a no-brainer. I didn’t consider other options because I had already learned so much from Marie. Not to mention that her teaching style worked for my neurodivergent learning style. It was important to me to find a self-paced course with live support rather than a cohort-based course where the teaching was live. I don’t do things consistently at the same pace so Notion Mastery was perfect for this.”

Podge’s course experience

The sheer volume of content in Notion Mastery was a bit overwhelming at first because it was more than Podge had ever seen in any Notion workspace. However, she quickly learned how to navigate through the curriculum.

“There seems to be almost no end to the Notion Mastery Course. And because it’s broken into 4 main disciplines (self-development, knowledge management, personal productivity and business operations) there is always something new to discover. The long-term impact has been the enjoyment of and commitment to learning, something traditional education never gave me.”

When Podge began using Notion, it was for her own business. She can make Notion reflect her brain’s thinking, and because of this, Notion makes her business much more efficient.

She quickly began using it for her clients too, helping to build out their Notion workspaces. It took her a while to realize she had inadvertently become a Notion consultant! Over the course of 2 years of consulting, Podge has helped 19 women-owned businesses transition from Google docs / Dropbox / Trello / Asana etc. to Notion.

“As a result of increasing efficiency through creating workflows and templates for business development, client onboarding and content creation, I now have the ability to take off 2 whole months every year.”

Prior to the course, Podge used Notion in a fairly static way. She wasn’t yet proficient with connecting information that would help her amass data over time and enable learning and more growth in her business.

“I can now operationalize almost anything in Notion either for myself or for my clients. Moreover, I can operationalize the same thing in multiple ways. This means that for every client who has a different way of running their business, Notion has a solution to support it so I can work with a wide variety of people and businesses and continue to grow and refine my own Notion workspace.”

Podge’s advice for anyone considering joining Notion Mastery?

“Marie describes Notion as tending to a garden and I love this analogy because it speaks to the level of commitment needed to adopt Notion into your life. And the team is so committed to their students, they really take joy in supporting and celebrating every single person who comes through the community. If that level of engagement and dedication is appealing to you then the Notion Mastery Course is the place to be.”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.