Tan Rui Qing

About RQ & Notion

Tan Rui Qing (RQ) is a Knowledge Management Specialist who supports companies to organize information internally, so they can operate more efficiently.

Using Notion, she helps companies architect their knowledge and train employees to maintain those systems.

After using Notion for about five months, RQ was tired of watching a bajillion YouTube videos to learn how to use Notion and wanted a course that would maximize the time she was spending learning about and understanding it.

She considered Notion Mastery one of the most full-featured Notion courses and felt confident choosing NM because Marie had demonstrated a fantastic understanding of the many quirks of Notion.

RQ has found the Notion Mastery curriculum incredibly well-structured. She can’t always attend events live, but despite that she still feels she’s received full value from the course because the self-paced curriculum effectively supports learning Notion from beginner to advanced levels.

I’m super impressed with the redesigned curriculum. It’s incredibly well-structured and supports students from beginners to advanced, so I feel very comfortable recommending Notion Mastery to anyone (potential clients, Notion community and friends) who asks me for recommended Notion courses.

I also appreciate the sizeable “international-ness” of Notion Mastery. It means that timezones of other countries are taken into consideration for live sessions and there is discussion and understanding of other cultures outside of North America.”

How NM has supported RQ

Since taking Notion Mastery, RQ feels she’s reclaimed a ton of time that would have been otherwise spent trawling the internet for how to’s or troubleshooting an obscure Notion quirk.

Throughout the course, she’s gained an understanding of good Notion practices that now support her work with clients so she can create usable workspaces that are easy for beginner Notion users to navigate.

With the skills she’s developed, her plan is to continue to help small to medium-sized companies architect Knowledge Management systems in Notion, and conduct Notion training workshops.

RQ’s advice to anyone thinking about joining Notion Mastery?

“JUST DO IT. Put in the time to go through the course. Don’t buy and chill.”

Ready to take your own journey into Notion Mastery?

Go through the core material at your own pace, with the support of live office hours, a helpful community forum, live trainings, and themed workshops.